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Sunday, January 8, 2017

"H" Herbal Healing Bags

Herbal Healing Bags

We all have a sore tired or achy muscle from time to time~
I know there are plenty of Rice heat bags available today, I have a few myself but find those big chunky ones aren't always lovely to look at or just plain too big for small areas.
I have created a small Herbal Bag perfect to leave on the counter and to travel with.  Up~cycled denim is perfect cotton and coloring for heating rice and dried organic herbs.
We all know how fabulously heat relaxes those aches and pains so why not take it one step further and increase the healing and relaxing with the scent and the healing power of Herbs!

Rosemary has many known and useful healing properties (and great for cooking as well)
Anti viral~ Increased memory~ Pain
this is only to name a very very small few.

Hand Embroidered
Crochet Edging
Herbal Perfection
In Love & Light

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